10 May - 2021 | Workspaces

The importance of decompression areas

The best way to guarantee a productive workday is with motivated and healthy employees. Therefore, it is important that they feel happy, safe and participating in the company. More and more companies have started to adopt areas of decompression to employees, as it is known that they increase productivity, focus and creativity, help in the profitability goals of the business.

Do you want to know how this is possible? So, read on and find out if this solution is really ideal.


What are decompression areas?

The decompression areas are those pleasant environments, which break the rhythm of continuous production and allow the employee to rest, have a moment of relaxation and, may have a moment to exchange ideas. The change from a serious environment to a decompression area generates professional satisfaction and is extensively explored in architectural projects.

In these environments, furniture and decoration are very important, as well as lighting, coverings textures, soft aroma, ambient sound and something to please the palate. A pleasant environment, which allows even small, more informal meetings or individual work.


What are the advantages of these environments?

The decompression rooms and areas add a series of advantages that seek to improve the employee’s experience in the work environment. See some of the main ones for you to understand why the rooms are so important.

  1. Valuing people

The decompression areas are an investment in the well-being of its employees and, as a result, they feel more valued and stimulated. Consequently, a more engaged atmosphere and culture is created.

  1. Reduction of absence from work

Absences caused by illness are also drastically reduced, as people are less stressed, which prevents depression, anxiety, burnout crises, spinal problems or discomfort due to repetitive movements.

  1. Productivity

Taking scheduled breaks even allows for a significant increase in concentration and creativity. And that makes all the difference, especially in more worrying moments when deadlocks arise that prevent the completion of a project.

  1. Team integration

A team with more contact opportunities, develops a bond and gets closer. With that, a simple stripped-down conversation can serve as a brainstorming full of possibilities to unravel the most different challenges throughout the workday.

It is worth evaluating both the profile and the corporate culture, as well as the employees before being sure that this solution may be the most appropriate for the moment. Just as important is architectural planning by professionals so that relaxation and productivity are effective.

Is there a decompression space in your company? Did you want to have such a room in your office?


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