Cavaletti’s value is in People

The quality of life of people is what inspires us every day. For this, we have a team that works with passion, always driven by innovations, challenges and opportunities. For this to happen, it is essential to have talented and committed professionals, consolidating a list of achievements. Discover some of the main benefits that Cavaletti makes available to its employees:

Cafeteria • Transport • Medical Clinic • Unimed Health Plan

Life Insurance • Workplace Gym • Closed Parking • PSP (Profit Sharing Program)

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Cavaletti is concerned with employee’s life quality, associated with the maintenance of its Productive Processes. It offers constant qualification, in addition to a series of Projects and Programs that benefit the people who are part of this great team. Check it out below:

Viver Cavaletti Program

It involves all the actions and programs of the Company, aimed at employees through the People Management Department.

Integrate Program

It promotes the integration of new employees, with Cavaletti’s principles, values, culture and history. At this time, information and guidelines of the Company’s Policies and Procedures are passed on.

  • Initial Integration: Guidance on Work Safety, internal procedures and activities inherent to the function that will be performed.
  • Integration with culture: Integration with Cavaletti’s history and culture.
  • Cultivating values: The principles and values cultivated by the Company are transmitted.

Develop Program

Provide personal and professional growth and development to employees, through the encouragement of continuous education, work meetings, training and lectures, aiming at the valorization of talents.

  • Ascender: Skills and competences development program, designed for those who work in leadership roles, who are in preparation for this role or who demonstrate the potential and desire to be a leader of the work team.
  • Development of Managers:  To continuously train managers in action, regarding skills, competences and technical knowledge, so that they use all the updated resources and tools in People Management, in order to be aligned with the Company’s strategy.
  • Education Incentive:  It provides employees with professional development through financial assistance in undergraduate, graduate and technical courses, aiming at qualification, internal promotions and, consequently, improvement of the professional performance and processes of the Company.

PSP - Profit Sharing Program

Cavaletti, always concerned with recognizing and rewarding its employees, established the PSP, aiming at the distribution of the Company’s profits, considering the merit and performance of each one. Reinforcing once again, his way of being, summed up in his slogan: “Value in doing more”.

Thinking Program

It encourages people to think about constant improvements in work processes, with the recognition and bonus of applicable ideas and suggestions, whether in processes or in production.

Health and Safety Programs

The concern for well-being is constant. For this reason, the Company promotes preventive actions in relation to the maintenance and improvement of health and quality of life.

  • Ergonomics: Promotes the adequacy of jobs, to reduce the impacts generated on employees, as well as offering daily gymnastics practice, under the instruction of a trained professional.
  • COESTA: Promotes improvements in working conditions, aiming at comfort, well-being and improved productivity.
  • MAISPAT: In the month of Internal Health Activities and Prevention of Accidents at Work, actions are taken to prevent and promote the health and safety of employees, with some actions extended to family members.
  • Pregnant Women Project:  Monitoring the prenatal care of pregnant women, with a doctor, physiotherapist and psychologist, in addition to lectures and guidelines to assist future mothers.
  • Psychology for Well Living: Its main focus is to address the emotional, family and social aspects that involve employees. It allows the necessary welcoming and referral, creating the opportunity for the employee to express himself, in an attempt to relieve his pain and anguish.

Silver House Program

Concerned with valuing the potential of people, Cavaletti thought about the Silver Program of the House, created to recognize and take advantage of the potential of the Company’s employees, who through the Recruitment and Selection process, can apply for new positions.

Technical Visits Program

Thinking about the future and contributing to the society in formation Cavaletti promotes the visitation of students to the Company’s facilities, for the knowledge of the processes carried out, providing practical experiences and thus assisting in the preparation of future professionals for the job market.

Informative Materials

Cavaletti develops informative materials to be delivered and promotes lectures on different topics, for employees, partners and visitors, such as: