Quality, Innovation and Pioneering

Since the first reform held in a padded in a simple basement, in 1974 until today, the Company records year after year, an exponential growth rate. The values inherited from the Cavaletti family and the incorrigible desire to always do more and well done, remain present in the Company, through the innovative spirit and entrepreneurship of its founders. Currently, Cavaletti is considered a reference in Latin America, in the seat market for professional and collaborative environments.


It all started in a rented basement from the Albertoni family, less than 30m², on the top of Maurício Cardoso Avenue. The Company, then called Estofaria Erechim, started by hand, using simple tools, such as a sewing machine without a motor, a hammer, upholstery pliers and a stapler. The main activities were the refurbishment of sofas, armchairs and car seats, which were carried on the owners’ backs, as there was no other means of transport.

Mário and Gilmar, the founding brothers, were not of an appropriate age to be entrepreneurs, but from an early age they learned the importance of excellence in products, following the advice of their mother, Mrs. Libera: “If it is to do something that will spoil soon, better not do it.”


This year, another brother, Mr. Jair Cavaletti, then 19 years old, joined the business. At that time, Cavaletti already had 7 (seven) employees, but its structure was still rudimentary. All activities were carried out manually, from cutting to welding, sewing, painting and assembly. The difficulties became even greater when the Company started selling to other states as well. The industrial and, mainly, logistical challenges were great, but they inspired the increase in the structure, which was redistributed into three pavilions.


This year, the area in the Industrial District was acquired, where a 2,100 m² pavilion was built. The factory has been modernized with new equipment and vehicles.


Estofaria Erechim changed its name to Cavaletti Estofados para Escritório Ltda. Investments in technology made it possible to increase productivity and develop new products.


Cavaletti Estofados para Escritório Ltda was already positioned among the largest office chair factories in Brazil. With the growth, a new brand positioning was necessary, where it was renamed: Cavaletti S/A Professional Seating and, the slogan that summarized the Company’s way of being: “Value in doing more” was implemented.


The company wins the Cerflor Certificate, a national scheme recognized by the PEFC, in order to better identify criteria and indicators of sustainability in forest management, in order to provide practices that are ecologically appropriate, economically sustainable and socially fair.


Acquisition of the Logistics Support Center in Itapevi, São Paulo.

Opening of the International Market.


Inauguration of Worklab in São Paulo, a unique and exclusive space, created with the intention of being a laboratory for experimentation and exchange. It presents both established products and launches, as well as prototypes, with the objective of establishing a constant, experiential and collaborative dialogue, aimed at the brand’s audience.

Constant Evolution

Cavaletti has in Erechim/RS, a modern industrial park, located in the city’s Industrial District, where it has land with an area of ​​106 thousand m² and Industrial Pavilions with a total area of ​​53 thousand m². It also has a Logistics Support Center located in Itapevi/SP, with 10 thousand m². And Worklab, a concept space in the city of São Paulo/SP, with 500m². The factory structure houses around 700 employees, in several areas. The Company always puts itself ahead in the Management Processes, committing itself to the Environment and, mainly, to the relationship with its collaborators, partners and the community.

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