Cavaletti S/A Professional Seating, one of the main Latin American brands of seats for professional and collaborative environments, has a history marked by excellence. Since 1974, Cavaletti has presented solutions to the market that are in line with the needs of different workspaces. Such solutions are the result of the continuous investment in productive capacity, research and design.

With a consolidated and constantly evolving portfolio, it serves the most differentiated projects, presenting solutions in the corporate, collaborative and health areas. It also offers the “Cavaletti Service”, a specialized service in chairs for special populations, such as the  DP dwarfism for example.

Know Our History

Today, the Cavaletti brand, operates with a network of Representatives and Resellers, distributed throughout Brazil and abroad. It is installed, in a modern industrial park, located in the Industrial District in Erechim / RS, with 108 thousand m². It also has a Logistics Support Center in Itapevi / SP, with 10 thousand m² and a concept space, Worklab, in the city of São Paulo, with 500 m². This entire structure houses approximately 700 employees in its various areas.

We are Cavaletti

The commitment to quality is in the Cavaletti’s DNA, as well as the responsibility to meet legal environmental, health and safety requirements. Always focusing on the life cycle perspective, the Company seeks to continuously improve the Management System, eliminating hazards, reducing risks, preventing damage, occupational diseases and pollution.

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Automation is one of the differentials, with the aim of optimizing and making internal processes simple. However, the formula for success of the products comes from the union between the technological vanguard and the investment in the qualification of people. Cavaletti has a series of projects aimed at the well-being of employees and the community, in addition to socio-environmental  and sustainability programs, thus expressing its concern for the present and the future.

Our Mission

Offer integrated seating solutions for professional and collaborative environments so that they continuously meet the expectations of consumers, partners, employees and investors, respecting people, families, the environment and society, with profitability for those involved.

Our Vision

To be a reference in the seating market for professional and collaborative environments, standing out for the excellence of products, services and innovation in daily actions.

Our Values


Transparent posture and integrity of behavior in all relationships.


Think big and act simple, acting closely and objectively.


Flexibility and willingness to serve Internal and External Customers.


Always do it well, with technical knowledge and preparation, valuing experience.


Thinking and doing differently, always evolving.


We can.


Act with consistency, always aiming at sustainable growth.


Product Design for Cavaletti Pibou line | Good Design
Product Design for Cavaletti Raya line | Reddot Design Award
Product Design for Cavaletti Raya line | Good Design
Innovation Champions | 50 Most Innovators in the South | Instituto Amanhã
Export Award | Highlight Furniture Category | ADVB/RS
500 Largest in the South | Grupo Amanhã
Merit Shopkeeper | Featured in Furniture category | Federação das Câmaras de Dirigentes Lojistas do RS
Emater partnership to improve working conditions | Emater/RS
Product Design Award for Cavaletti Vélo line | Good Design Award
Best Provider | Administrative Support Services Category | Embraer
Product Design Award for Cavaletti Idea line | Good Design Award
Instituto Chico Mendes Social and Environmental Award | Selo Verde
Product Design Award for Cavaletti Go line | Good Design Award 13
Product Design Award for Cavaletti Go line | IF Award
Excellence Trophy | Internal Market | Medium Business | Movergs
Itaú Recognition Award | Unibanco Migration Project
Sustainable Design Award | Cavaletti Viva model Eko | EcoLeo de Design
Honorable Mention in the Product Design category for the Cavaletti Slim line | Bornancini