Foster creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Sicoob Credicom is a healthcare cooperative that, with the aim of innovating, created a new space, CREDICOMLAB: a place for brainstorming ideas, aimed at fostering creativity, collaboration and innovation among the cooperative’s employees. The structure intends to receive startups to facilitate exchange with other cooperatives, seeking to transform the workspace into something flexible and collaborative.

According to Óbvio Arquitetura, the objective of the project was to place the client and the employee at the center, in an area of collaboration, a place that had more autonomy and less hierarchy, establishing a framework for digital transformation.

In this way, the proposal was to create a fully multipurpose and integrated space, forming a central area for the promotion of ideas, with a multipurpose layout, allowing for everything from small meetings to large lectures.

Permanenza, an authorized Cavaletti reseller, although it already had Sicoob Credicom as a client, considered this project a greater challenge, after all, the idea of a flexible and cheerful space, made them work on the different possibilities of layout and colors for the environment, however, according to Permanenza, the key point was the participation of the architecture team, which, with an extremely well-executed project, facilitated the choice of furniture, enabling the execution to meet Sicoob Credicom’s expectations.

This space has sofas, tables and poufs from the Cavaletti Spin Line, Cavaletti Fun stools, Cavaletti Duo and Cavaletti Stretch armchairs, as well as Cavaletti Flip swivel chairs; These products, according to the client, met, in addition to quality, the flexibility they were looking for in the project.


2023 – No. 17| Belo Horizonte/MG
Client: Sicoob Credicom
Architectural Project: Óbvio Arquitetura
Photographer: Henrique Queiroga
Representative: PRO1 – Belo Horizonte/MG
Cavaletti Authorized Dealer: Permanenza Móveis – Belo Horizonte/MG

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