Be Hive Coworking

Shared Office

The so-called coworkings are shared work spaces that house several companies from the most diverse branches of activity under the same roof. They are created to offer more than workspaces per se, but a whole range of services so that companies headquartered there can only worry about what really matters: their work.

For this, a comfortable, creative, integrated and well-equipped environment is a fundamental part of this service that has been so requested in recent times.

Focusing on this concept, Be.Have Coworking was created, located in a prime area of Curitiba, in order to promote connections, productivity and interactivity, but above all, well-being, including areas for socializing and resting.

For this, according to the architect Luize Andreazza Bussi, biophilic design strategies were used, bringing colors and patterns to the environment that refer to the natural environment and promote connections between users, productivity and well-being.

According to the architect, “The objective was to create private spaces when necessary, ‘to contribute to the performance of each user, as well as to promote collective, sharing and inspiring spaces, which favor the exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge.”

Cavaletti products came to contribute to the formation of these environments, combining comfort, modernity, ergonomics and functionality.

At the reception, we find swivel chairs from the Cavaletti Yon Line for the service area, as well as in the workrooms for collective use and in the individual booths. Some rooms also have chairs from the Cavaletti Flip Line. The reception has hexagonal puffs from the Cavaletti Fun line, which are also arranged in the relaxation area along with sofas from the Cavaletti Spin Line and tables from the Cavaletti Talk Line.

In the coffee area, the high stools from the Cavaletti Go Line and the sideboards from the Cavaletti Spin Line give the functional and differentiated touch that the space asks for.

For the architect Luize Andreazza Bussi, the use of Cavaletti products facilitated the design of the project, as they present a varied line in terms of models and colors, meeting with excellence the need and comfort required for each environment.



Company: Be Hive Coworking
Project: Luize Andreazza Bussi/ Interiores + Corporativo
Representative: Nisul – Curitiba/PR
Resale: Tombini Corporate Furniture

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